Don't just exfoliate, prepare the foundation skin needs to look great

Exfoliating is dermatologists endorsed, time tested, scientifically validated and clinically proven to be effective for the creation of flawless looking skin. Don't be fooled by medicated products or products that contain synthetic fillers as they are to the human skin "second best". Exfoliating properly is the number one way to keep your skin looking great.

Ex·fo·li·at·ing:  gold standard for skin :  \ˈgōld\  something valued as the finest of its kind
Min·er·als:  platinum standard for skin :  \ˈpla-tə-nəm\  of the highest qualification

Did you know that exfoliating properly with the right product for your type of skin prevents acne ? Did you know minerals are an important component of maintaining healthy skin, especially for acne sufferers ? Exfoliating Minerals is a leader in the creation of flawless skin through exfoliation as well as the direct application of minerals to the skin. The terminology within our name speaks for itself and is considered "The Gold and Platinum Standard" for skin beautification and health. Let us help you build the perfect foundation your skin needs to be beautiful and healthy; once you've obtained that, you can then use your favorite skin care products of choice.

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